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Hosting Conversations: Shaping Ideas and Actions 

Be Curious.  Ask Questions.

At HIP we host and facilitate conversations that help organizations define and realize their visions. Our skilled facilitators create a safe space for open dialogue, idea and knowledge sharing, and full group participation. The questions we ask lead to exploration, discovery and transformation within the framework of the organizational vision, mission, and values.


At HIP, we work closely with you and your team to design a work plan that reflects the values, goals, and timelines of your unique situation. This becomes our roadmap for ensuring timelines, budgets and desired outcomes are realized. Our facilitated dialogues build upon individual, team and organizational capacity and focus on ensuring that existing strengths, assets and opportunities become the foundation of the planning process.  Each session ends with the creation of an action plan and a system for holding the team accountable.


At HIP Strategic Consulting we believe that:

  • Everyone has the capacity to contribute and bring value to the conversation.

  • Customers, partners, staff, and funders have great (often innovative) ideas about the organizations they work with.

  • When ideas and knowledge are shared new opportunities are discovered. 

  • There are many ways and levels to engage your community - choosing the right method at the right time is essential. 

  • Honest, open, and transparent conversations increase buy-in, organizational loyalty, and lead to improved long-term results. 

  • Clear, concise, relevant, and timely action plans arising out of collaborative conversations are more likely to be utilized.


The work we do with our clients is built on these foundational community engagement principles.  


At HIP Strategic Consulting we use our innovative and powerful talk > action > accountability > results conversation model to move our clients forward.  


Book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to discuss your unique needs and learn more about how we can help your organization.


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