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HIP Strategic Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat

Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat

A kaleidoscope of ideas and perspectives.  
Be Inspired.  Shift perspectives.  Meet new women entrepreneurs.

The Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat blends inspiration, conversation, and opportunities to connect with other women entrepreneurs. Each month we will explore a personal or business-related theme that impacts the work that you are doing. The theme will vary from month to month, as will the speakers and the questions that we explore.  


It's about reflecting, reviewing, and revitalizing how we approach our day-to-day lives and learning from one another so that we can innovate, shift perspectives, and learn new techniques that will help us build strong, resilient businesses.


Are you ready to shift your thinking and learn from others? Join us to hear the perspectives of other women entrepreneurs, offer your take on the theme, and then collectively discuss the related ideas and principles that we can apply in our everyday lives. There will be time for networking and dialogue—after all, getting to know one another is part of the process as well!


Hop on over to our Events page to learn what's coming up in the next month or two.

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