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Planting Seeds. Sharing Ideas.
Case Study: Clothing Exchange

This is the story of a community-based initiative that began as a random idea but blossomed into something truly remarkable. It all started with a simple question: What do we do with all those clothes our kids have outgrown? Little did we know this question would unite our community in the most heartwarming way possible.

"I have a bunch of kids clothing in good shape to pass on... Do your kids need new clothes?"

"I want to de-clutter my kid's closets..."

"What can we do to pass these clothes on to those who need it most?"

And so began a community volunteer-led initiative that is still running a decade later. 


A seed of an idea. A glimmer in someone's mind, and yet, it blossomed and took on a life of its own.


A grassroots, volunteer-led community initiative that engages community partners and gives back to families in need. 


A decade of success and the learning curve that has kept the initiative fresh and viable. 



Reflective questions to maximize learning and apply to your own initiatives to increase engagement and success..

Download your free case study.  It's sure to get you and your team thinking.
Not sure how to use the case study?
Consider these ideas:
  • Read the case study with your team and choose three reflective questions to discuss.  Debrief by asking: How can we apply this in our day-to-day work?

  • Take the ideas from the case study and start a conversation with your volunteers. What needs do they see in the community that they can address? What do they need to make that idea come to life?

  • Use the case study to think broadly about partnerships and collaboration.  Who can be invited to create a sustainable event? What activities will engage participants?

  • Consider the case study from a volunteer engagement perspective.  Why has this initiative been so successful as new leaders have taken over? How has the vision been maintained?

  • Ask your team, what ideas the case study inspires? Explore ideas and if there is interest choose one to follow through on.

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