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Tool Kit for Non Profit Leaders

Case Study: ShEvalesco
Building Capacity To Empower Tomorrow

Capacity building is tightly woven into the non-profit sector; the ultimate organizational success is when our clients no longer need us.  As the proverb goes “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is the story of a relatively new non-profit (5 years old), and its journey to weave capacity building into everything it does.  

As a non-profit, ShEvalesco's core mission is all about building capacity, and this is reflected in the organization's name:


Evalesco in Latin means to increase in strength, be able, have power, have worth, and to prevail.    

ShEvalesco demonstrates that with innovative practices, capacity building can be woven into all aspects of a non-profit organization.  

Non-profit leaders investing in team capacity will find creative examples ShEvalesco has brought their vision and mission to life while stimulating staff, participants, and community partners to invest in continuous learning.   

Download your free case study.  It's sure to get you and your team thinking.
Not sure how to use the case study?
Consider these ideas:
  • Read the case study with your team and choose three reflective questions to discuss.  Debrief by asking: How can we apply this in our day-to-day work?

  • Take the ideas from the case study and start a conversation with your Board. How can your organization weave more capacity-building into your work? What needs to change for this to happen? 

  • Use the case study to think broadly about internal and external capacity building.  What benefits can your organization achieve by helping staff learn new skills? partner agencies? 

  • Consider the case study from a retention of staff, volunteers, and board members.  How will weaving more capacity building into your work help you retain staff, volunteers, and board members? What is required for capacity building to become an engagement and retention tool? 

  • Ask your team, what ideas the case study inspires? Explore ideas and if there is interest choose one to follow through on.

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