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Bitesize Business Basic Workshops


Refresh Your Entrepreneurial Spirit


HIP's Bitesize Business Basic workshops help entrepreneurs refresh thier existing skills, shift perspective from day-to-day actions to a long-term vision, and transform their ideas into action.


HIP's Bitesize Business Basic's workshops each focus on simple entrepreneurial concept that business owners can use to fine tune thier strategies and actions.      


Our Fall 2015 offerings include:


FREE to celebrate Small Business Month

FREE to celebrate Small Business Month

Workshop activities and handouts provide useful tools and techniques that can be applied immediately and the motivation to make it happen.


At HIP, we know how hard it is step away from day to day operations to learn or upgrade your technical business skills.  We face the same challenge.  However, we also know that learning equates with business growth and development.  We encourage you to sign up for our Fall workshops.


For more information contact Angie at HIP Strategic Consulting.


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