Photo of Angie McLeod, HIP Strategic Consulting

Angie McLeod...

Co-Facilitator of the Wildly Successful Intensive Retreat

Leadership Strategist & Coach

Conversational Intelligence - Enhanced Skills Practitioner 


Angie McLeod, HIP Strategic Consulting, is passionate about conversations: conversations that connect people, stimulate ideas, produce change, and engage participants in collective discovery, co-creation, and collaboration; conversations that enrich the community.


Closely interwoven with her passion for conversations and community is a desire to strengthen the individual potential of those entrepreneurial leaders with whom she works. The idea of “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” is fundamental to Angie McLeod and HIP Strategic Consulting’s business philosophy.  


To build internal capacity, Angie gets curious, asks a lot of unexpected questions, and invites clients to unearth their own answers.  This approach gently pushes clients to recognize their internal aptitudes, skills, expertise and empowers them to be “wildly successful on their own terms.“ 


To learn more about how Angie can help you connect with your ideal life, embrace your personal values, and bridge your values and ideal life into your day to day business practices, join us in the upcoming Align Lab.   Check out her profile on LinkedIn or visit for more information. 


Client testimonials can be found here.


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Sharolyn Wandzura,

Ears Forward Coaching

Co-Facilitator of the Wildly Successful Retreat

Master of the Herd

Leadership Coach


Sharolyn Wandzura offers leadership programs at Ears Forward Coaching based out of Azadeh Acres located in east Maple Ridge. As a long time student of the horse, she blends Liberty Horse Training, Equine Guided Development & Life Coaching to help clients find their voice, become compassionate leaders and have courageous conversations.


Sharolyn is a great listener. Her knack for reading between the lines, understands things intuitively, blends with her passion for helping clients find their courage to move forward.  Sharolyn walks the talk too.  She invests in self-development and in introspection - so that she can be totally present when working with her clients.


With a gentle and compassionate approach, Sharolyn helps clients gain clarity using her favorite tool: her herd of horses - Mannah, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Leroy.