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HIP Strategic Accountability Ally program

Accountability Ally

Mentoring to get it done!

Check out our Accountability Ally program to help you get motivated, become inspired, and keep you moving toward your goals. Our Accountability Ally program features one-on-one mentoring and is personalized to meet your specific goals.  


Work closely with your Coach to set annual goals and develop and implement a realistic action plan, with weekly or bi-weekly follow up calls to assess progress, brainstorm "sticky-points," and celebrate successes.  Your Coach won't be afraid to ask you the hard questions; to delve into what is getting in your way and to gently poke and prod you into digging into re-occurring patterns and the reasons behind them.  


The Accountability Ally program drives women entrepreneurs toward:


  • Alignment of personal and professional goals;

  • Recognition of personal patterns and behaviours that hold you back;

  • Business outcomes and growth that reflect what is important to you;

  • Enhanced personal and business intention and accountability; and,

  • A business that reflects your version of #wildlysuccessful.


Using a 1-on-1 peer discussion format a trust relationship with your Coach is quickly established - adding one more person to your personal and business board of advisors; someone who is committed to working alongside you to solve problems and shift perspectives.   


Your HIP Coach holds you accountable, not only to your business goals but to you living your BEST life.  HIP coaches see themselves as partners in your business and life —there to help you grow and realize the success you desire.


The final, and possibly most important outcome: the personal sense of renewed intention on personal and business growth that emerges as you connect with and challenge yourself with the support and encouragement of your new Accountability Mentor.


Applications are accepted for this program on an ongoing basis from women entrepreneurs seeking to drive their business success and be wildly successful on their own terms.  


Questions?  Contact Angie to connect with your Accountability Ally!




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